Patty's Princess
16 year old obsessed with youtube. Patty Walters, Craig Dillon, Tom Laywood, Luke Cutforth, Tyler Oakley, Jim Chapman, Marcus Butler and many more!x Met - Patty, Joe, Jim, Marcus, Tanya, Niomi.
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Hey marcusbutler!<3

(sorry that you have to see my hideous face again!) but i just want to thank you for being you and helping me so so so much!<3Β 

marcus if you see this can you follow me please?x i asked you when we met and you said you would follow me!:( please marcus! (Twitter; @GobnoxiousTedds )Β 

iloveyou Marcus Butler!xxxxx

To Jim…

Hey Best friend!<3

i just want to say thank you! i really do hope you read this:$

i’ve been feeling really down recently and meeting you just over a week ago now meant alot! it really cheered me up! and then you said “i will never forget x” that really made me think i was worth something and now today you’ve followed me <3Β 

i’m literally the happiest i’ve ever been and i can’t thank you enough jimstumblings you are the best and i really do love you like a real friend!<3 xxxxx

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